Networked Music Library

A resource for practitioners and researchers in the field

The Networked Music Performance Library documents research and practice in the field of networked music performance. The library was developed in response to the skyrocketing interest in networked music due to social distancing and travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The library aims to collect materials, organise accessible and straightforward ways of navigating the collection, include knowledge from a wider context of time-based arts (theatre, dance and other time-based art forms), and create a community of users and contributors. Current library users include performing musicians, teachers and composers. The library will continue active development, given post-COVID applications for networked music which include assisting socially isolated musicians, teaching, travel and new pandemics.


Currently, we have a spreadsheet with lists of items selected by different subjects. In the future, we will create a dedicated site for the library for the curated selections.


  1. Sonic arts
  2. Music education
  3. Rehearsals
  4. Concerts
  5. Commercial music production
  6. Theater/Performance arts
  7. Traditional/Pop music


We seek projects, papers, articles, videos, scores—any materials that can strengthen the library. Please get in touch!


Access the library

How to use the library

In this short video, researcher and composer Daniil Pilchen explains how the library can be navigated, and how to register for full access.